Five Retirement Resolutions Worth Committing To in 2023

A new year is here and with it comes the pressure of setting those resolutions. Here are five worth sticking to in terms of your retirement, health and overall happiness.

Make Time for Nature Every Day

couple walking on sidewalk near trees during daytime

Studies have shown that daily sunshine gives you a potent dose of vitamin D that’s beneficial for your immunity, happiness and health. Then, there are the benefits of fresh air and spending time surrounded by plants that prove positive for your mood. At Mount Edgecombe Village, our lush green surroundings and excellent weather make getting outdoors an easier feat. It also makes staying active more enjoyable too. It’s why our village family are often spotted on a wetlands trail walk or enjoying a weekly stretch and tone class in the sunshine.

Choose a Village That Keeps You Close to What Matters Most

elderly couple with kids

Location. Location. Location. When looking at your retirement property options, this is everything. Thankfully, our location is a prime one that keeps you close to everything you love. This includes family and friends, beaches, shops, eateries, golf courses and more, so that you are never far from anything could ever need. This allows you to remain an active part of your inner circles, so when you retire, nothing really has to change!

Get Involved and Make a Difference

person showing both hands with make a change note and coins

A new year is the perfect chance to give your time and talents to causes that need it most. Within our village, we have a host of initiatives that support and uplift local communities and people in need. From babies to the elderly and even the animals, there’s always someone who can be helped and always someone with able hands who can do some helping. Take our knitting group for example, they waste no time creating blankets, beanies, and cuddly friends for destitute children in need of a little love.  

Become Part of a Wonderful Community

Joining our established village family is both a joy and a privilege especially when we sit back and marvel at the blend of people from all walks of life who never fail to come together when a fellow resident needs a boost. There’s always room for more though and we look forward to welcoming even more residents to our village this year.

Keep Care Top of Mind

woman walking on pathway during daytime

There’s nothing more empowering at this stage of life than knowing you have a safety net of care should the time and need ever come. Our world-class Care Centre is within walking distance from every home in our village. It’s also administered by industry leaders Total Care, which provides peace of mind for our residents and their loved ones that care is always on hand when health emergencies arise. It’s this priceless peace of mind that leaves our village family and their own families free to live worry-free, enjoying each day as they should.

Here’s to 2023!

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