Retired couple jogging
Top Tips For Transitioning Into Retirement
5 July 2018, Thursday

  Retirement is officially defined as “the act of leaving your job and stopping work, usually because you’re old.” Ouch. With a definition like that, it’s little wonder then that the issue is generally regarded …

Retirement Villages provide safety. Family walking dogs on gated, secure estate on Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village
Safety & Security: A Must At Retirement Villages
13 June 2018, Wednesday

Retirement villages should hold safety and security as one of their primary focuses. Retirement is a time for indulging in one’s hobbies and interests, getting out and experiencing life’s adventures without the burden of worrying …

Win a golf cart with Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village
28 May 2018, Monday

We’re sure that you have told those in your network about the amazing investment you have made into your future by buying into Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village. We’d like to reward you for spreading the …

Retired couple enjoying lunch
Why A Retirement Village Is No Longer An Old Age Home
9 May 2018, Wednesday

Historically, retirement villages have garnered quite a prosaic reputation. Consequently, many people tend to not invest in their future as a result. There is always a hope that one can just stay on your current …

The age of the pre-tiree
28 February 2018, Wednesday

How often have you heard someone say “60 is the new 40”, well, all the time, and nobody bats an eyelid when they do. The term old is just a matter of perspective to most, …

Why settle in KZN?
21 February 2018, Wednesday

It is no surprise that people are now living longer than ever before. Thanks to constant advances in the field of medical science, nutrition and farming, humans are stronger than they’ve ever been. Our lifestyles …

Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village showhouse and care facility progress
15 February 2018, Thursday

The construction of our care centre is one of the key aspects of Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village. We are also excited to bring you our show unit which is really taking shape and showcases the …

MERV home owners
The number one retirement opportunity
2 February 2018, Friday

The ideal position, proximity to popular amenities, the perfect lock-up-and-go solution, an onsite care centre and unsurpassed lifestyle are just a number of aspects that have made Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village one of the top …