The misconceptions of retirement living

Gone are the days when retirement meant that you were cooped up in a small room, co-sharing with another person you don’t really know, watching TV, surrounded by beige walls, where everyday is just as boring as the next. In recent years, retirement estates have changed the face of what living over 50 is all about.


Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village is a prime example of the fun, carefree lifestyle retirees can expect to live. Some of the key elements changing retirement living include the resort-style facilities on offer. For example, Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village provides a range of facilities including an onsite care centre, clubhouse and outdoor facilities like tennis courts, cricket nets and nature trails.


The design of retirement has been more carefully considered for those over 50. Each home at Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village has been specifically designed, from single-level living, the clever use of space to the clean, fresh interior design finishes. This even extends out to the exterior of the home, where the estate is landscaped to provide residents with beautiful views and wheelchair friendly places to explore in the comfort of their space.


The introduction of multi-generational living is revolutionising retirement, as those living within Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village will not only be around other retirees, but they will be able to live closer to their families within the greater Kindlewood Estate. Retirees can interact with people of all ages and remain socially engaged in society.


Lastly, one of the other game-changing elements for retirement living is the onsite care centres available in modern retirement offerings. Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village is in the process of building its onsite care centre within the first phase, and promises to offers residents an opportunity to have world-class care conveniently on their doorstep at a fraction of the price.