Safety & Security: A Must At Retirement Villages

family walking the dogs
Retirement villages should hold safety and security as one of their primary focuses. Retirement is a time for indulging in one’s hobbies and interests, getting out and experiencing life’s adventures without the burden of worrying about home safety and day-to-day maintenance. This is what makes Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village such an ideal residential option, especially for those looking to relocate.

“Security not only provides peace of mind for our residents, but more importantly, maintains the capital growth of buying into a gated estate.”(Murray Collins – Owner, Collins Residential)

Distinguished security partners – keep residents safe within the retirement village

The estate’s impeccable security track record is thanks to the professional and dedicated services provided by security partner, Enforce Security, who allow residents to put their safety concerns out of mind.

Our decision to use Enforce was due to their proven track record with the neighbouring Mount Edgecombe Country Club, which is one of the many estates under their expert security supervision.

Situated within the gated Kindlewood Estate, security is not a concern for residents who choose this secure lifestyle that boasts:

  • 24-hour state-of-the-art security
  • Onsite facilities within the estate
  • Electrified perimeter fencing
  • Strategically placed CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Controlled boom gates
  • Constant gate monitoring & perimeter patrol
  • Guard dogs

Community lifestyle endorses neighbourly values

One of the key motivators for people contemplating a move into a retirement village is the prospect of good security – but this would not materialise unless all residents in the complex were prepared to do their bit.

Our wholesome community lifestyle means that neighbours are easily identified, with a tacit understanding that community members will look out for one another. Further enhancing this hassle-free lifestyle are the services that accompany estate living. All the maintenance of facilities enjoyed by residents – such as the swimming pool – are taken care of by the estate, meaning no concerns with hiring pool services when you’re away. Garden maintenance is also taken care of, thus freeing up residents for other activities. So, when the urge to travel hits, it’s simply a matter of – lock up and go knowing your home and your possessions are secure within your retirement village.

residential view of Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village
Help is always on hand with 24 hour on-call assistance & security

Security is central to safe and comfortable living in a retirement village. Living in an environment where you know that your neighbours will watch out for you and having dedicated staff available to assist, at all times all day, every day, provides security in the minds of residents and their families. Retirement villages understand that it’s important for residents to feel and be safe and secure in their own homes. And it’s also just as important for their families to have peace of mind that their loved ones are in safe hands.

That’s why most retirement villages provide 24 hour security and emergency response systems in their villages. At the press of a button, help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever required.

Residents are instantly connected to a friendly and qualified person who will organise the assistance they need, whether that means calling a family member, friend, neighbour or an emergency response service such as an ambulance or the police.

“It’s like having your own personal alarm system – so residents will have the confidence to enjoy an independent lifestyle, safe in the knowledge that emergency assistance is available at the simple touch of a button.” (Dave Cameron – Retirement Specialist, Collins Residential)

Take the stress out of retirement – at Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village

There are many elements that can cause stress in your life. One of the biggest contributing causes towards stress is the home environment. But when living at Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village, the stress of your home environment is drastically reduced because everything has been so carefully considered and developed, to not only make your life as stress-free as possible, but also to enhance your current lifestyle.

Our retirement estate is designed to upgrade the mental and physical wellbeing of all our residents. Situated within the secure Kindlewood Estate, our residents can take advantage of a community-driven, active lifestyle where 24-hour, state-of-the-art security allows for full use of the incredible range of facilities within that secure, gated estate.

So, take the stress out of the equation by placing your safety in the hands of the experts – at Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village.