Stay in tune with technology

Statistics show that the ‘baby boomer generation’, those over 65 years old, are amongst the fastest growing group of social media users in the world.  It is clear that retirees are in tune with online trends, and that is why Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village is introducing the latest technology into its development plans.


Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village will have fibre optics installed to ensure residents have easy access to the internet, can stay connected and enjoy convenience of top class communication with higher bandwidths and faster speeds. This system will also be utilised for the latest security technology in your home, including the wireless staff call system.


Once retirees join the online world, it has been estimated that around 75% of them go online daily. In just a week, ‘baby boomers’ are expected to have gone online for at least 27 hours in a week. The top reasons why retirees use the internet is so they can actively engage on social media, do their online banking, access government documents and make phone or video calls.


By using the internet, you are not only able to connect with your friends and family, it helps you manage your life a bit easier; you spend less time waiting in bank queues, don’t need to go shopping, you can research your next holiday and even book it online. The possibilities are endless and exactly why we feel having top quality technology installed will help make your day-to-day living easier.