Three questions to ask yourself before you retire

At Mount Edgecombe Village, many of our residents first came to us as prospective buyers in search of a fulfilled retirement. With a few options to choose from, they have to run through their own internal list of questions to select our Village as the one that best meets their needs. Over time, we’ve come to hear and answer many of these questions, allowing us to understand how people think during the years that precede retirement.

Are your golden years drawing nearer? Here are the three questions you might want to ask yourself before you select a property…

“How will I spend my time?”

During our years of work, many tend to view retirement as some kind of finish line. As that day draws nearer, it’s clear that retirement is just the start of the next chapter in one’s story. The thought of so much free time can seem daunting, which is why some of us choose to put retirement off. At The Village, our facilities and active community provide ample opportunities to pursue hobbies, interests, activities, and new adventures! All the things that make a retirement a happy one.

Is my health taken care of both now and in the future?”

Healthcare costs are an important part of any retirement plan. They’re also a reality that comes with growing older.  Having these structures in place alleviates stress on you and your loved ones.  At The Village, our on-site Care Centre run by industry leaders TotalCare, means life-changing and lifesaving assistance that gets you back on your feet and back into your home. Come what may, we’re alongside for the ride, something that makes all the difference when it comes to living out the best years of your life.

“Does a retirement lifestyle excite me”

If the immediate answer is “no,” you’re looking in the wrong place. Whilst the financial side of retirement planning matters, the personal side is just as vital. What are your lifestyle wants and needs and how might a retirement village help meet these? From finding a purpose to forming important social connections and staying busy, The Village provides the perfect place to live a fulfilled lifestyle once you’ve retired. For us and our residents, this matters because it pushes our people to challenge themselves physically and mentally, allowing them to remain in wonderful health.

Feel at home from day one

Choose your home and its finishes and see why The Village is the ideal place for your story to continue. For those who simply can’t wait, some of our homes are ready for you to move right in. With the final phase of The Village offering our most magnificent homes yet, there’s a unit type for everyone. Experience a life like no other when you contact Debbie (083 776 8297), Thomas (083 700 3511) or RiAnne (084 659 3199) to arrange your private tour today.