Why choice matters during retirement

At The Village, we’ve always known that choice is a key ingredient in the recipe for happiness during retirement. It’s why we’re big on offering a variety of choices in every facet of life. From our activities to our home types and finishes, we like to make sure that our residents are always spoilt for choice. But how important is choice during this phase of life and why does it matter?

Choice makes us less resistant to change

Studies have shown that we’re more accepting of the end result when we’ve been involved in the decision making behind the choice that was made. With change being a massive part of life, we’ve come to see that choice and change, although unlikely allies, are a fantastic match when it comes to securing happiness and quality of life during retirement. For those of us who have the means to choose where we go and what we do next, this makes the prospect of change at this phase of life a less daunting prospect, especially when we know we’re moving into an established Village.

It’s important to choose whilst you still can

No matter your age, life is one big timer that’s perpetually counting down. Whilst none of us would like to admit that age is catching up with us, having to make choices is one responsibility that comes with the gift of getting to grow older. Those lucky enough to choose their own retirement property will know that the move is best made sooner rather than later, as this avoids stress both for the person moving and their loved ones. In choosing a Village with the right facilities like healthcare and an inclusive community, you’re guaranteed the peace of mind that comes with having the right safety net in place should you ever need it.

Choice extends to your mindset as well

The perception of retirement will be different for many. What’s interesting though is that we’re able to choose the frame through which we see it. If you view retirement as a negative notion, you’re most likely to meet it with resistance and unhappiness. In making a conscious choice to view this as the summer of your life, you’ll be able to approach it with the positivity that makes it the most wonderful season of all.

The choice is yours at The Village

When ageing is a luxury denied to many, what choices will you make and what will you do with the time you’ve been given? The final phase of The Village story is our most sensational one yet. With five home types to choose from, you could soon be making the choice of a lifetime. To see how we deliver the perfect balance of design, nature, and active, convenient living contact RiAnne (084 659 3199) or Debbie (083 776 8297) to arrange your private tour today. Alternatively, you can visit our website here.