Why The Village lifestyle means stress-free living

When a calm mind is the ultimate weapon against life’s challenges, our Village delivers everything you need to live stress-free. With us worried about the finer details, our residents are free to enjoy the finer things in life. What makes The Village the perfect place to live stress-free during your retirement?

State-of-the-art facilities

Our commitment to the facilities in our Village deliver nothing less than total peace of mind for every resident. This includes unrivalled security measures, gate-guarded access points, an on-site Care Centre, coffee shop, clubhouse and more. To us, facilities will always matter because you never know just when you’ll need to use them. Luckily for our residents, when they do, they’re ready for them.    

Convenient lifestyle

If on-site facilities and offerings weren’t enough, our convenient location within the already established Kindlewood Estate means an ideal situation near everything you could ever need. From King Shaka International Airport to beaches, golf courses, entertainment, and eateries, a home at The Village keeps you close to life as you’ve always known it. It also keeps you near those that you love, so nothing has to change when you retire!

A glorious setting

Our nature trails provide a place of tranquillity, whilst indigenous plants deliver an oasis for our residents to make their own. An abundance of fresh air and local birdlife provide a sense of calm as if Mother Nature herself smiles down on our Village.

People who care

A large part of retirement is who you share it with. Not only are our community warm and welcoming but they’re there for you should you ever need them. On the management side of things, our Village Team is always happy to address any queries you might have in order to make your retirement the chapter you’ve always dreamed of. They’re also in constant pursuit of adding even more value to our Village, making it an even more beautiful place for your story to continue.

Have you heard about our final phase? With five home types to choose from, these exclusive purchase opportunities deliver the perfect balance in design, nature and convenient living. For more on The Village offering or to hear more about our sensational phase 2, call David (083 456 1897), RiAnne (084 659 3199) or Debbie (083 776 8297) for a private tour now. Alternatively, feel free to click here: http://merv.co.za/phase2