Four Reasons to Love Life in Our Village.

Life in our Village is hard to put into words. There’s so much to enjoy about a home in our secure, established Village. Here’s why our residents love where they live, every single day.

Incredible surroundings

Location. Location. Location. This can never be overstated when it comes to choosing a retirement property. Luckily, ours is one that keeps you close to everything you love. From family and friends to beaches, shops, eateries, golf courses and more, we’re near everything you could ever need. Then, our on-site wetlands, lush green surroundings and the best of mother nature allow us to connect with where we live and enjoy the outdoors at every opportunity. 

Phenomenal facilities

Thanks to our established Village set in the heart of the celebrated Kindlewood Estate, our facilities are world-class. From the moment you enter through our access-controlled boom gate and pass our state-of-the-art Care Centre to your first cup of coffee at the Hilltop Lounge Community Centre, it’s clear that we’ve put attention to detail into every Village offering. This also includes an on-site gym, pool and herb garden for practical spaces that really bring people together.

A wonderful community

What would life in our Village be without the incredible people we share it with? Our community is a close group of people who are always ready to share their time, knowledge, company, and hobbies with each other. It’s why our community of neighbours is far more like a family.

Total peace of mind, every day

We are very lucky to have our world-class Care Centre within walking distance from our homes. Administered by industry leaders Total Care, our Care Centre provides great peace of mind for our residents and their loved ones that they’ll be well taken care of should that need ever become a pressing one. With the uncertainties of life ready to unfold at any moment, a safety net like this one really is priceless.

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