A Look At Our Village Heritage

24 September is Heritage Day, an occasion that celebrates the diversity of our incredible nation. Recently, we sat down with our very own David Cameron to find out more about the heritage of our Village and what makes it truly unique.

Q: Tell us about the heritage of the Village of what sets it apart?

A: “Our heritage is founded firmly on our community, a commitment to our values and delivering an unsurpassed lifestyle to those who choose to spend these treasured years with us. As a lifelong dream for our developer, it’s been rewarding to see this come to fruition as we give members of the public a place and experience that meets all of their expectations. Although a newer development, it’s certainly changing the way that many see retirement, something we’re excited about.”

Q: Why is our Village perfect for those from all walks of life?

A: “Our youngest resident is 52 and our oldest is 96. This proves that it’s never too early or too late to make a choice that brings you convenience, security, and above all, joy. From a community perspective, our diversity is something we’re proud of and getting to see residents from all walks of life enjoy each day together Is wonderful. I think our people are diverse because our offering is too. There’s something for everyone here, no matter what it is you’re looking for.”

Q: What makes our people special?

A: “Although our people are diverse they all want the same things, to live well, to be close to their loved ones and to be happy. Our residents are fun, positive, inclusive and always up for something new. This has been evident whenever we’ve tried new activities, like paintball target shooting!”

Q: Do you believe that our location plays a part in our heritage?

A: “For sure. Our location brings our residents closer to everything they need from entertainment to their families, medical care, the beach, golf courses, King Shaka International Airport, and the list goes on. I also think that our location within Kindlewood Estate provides us with access to a world of award-winning facilities that when combined with our own, give our residents far more than what other developments could.”

Make our Village part of your story

Over the last 5 years, we’ve watched in awe as our Village has grown, welcomed residents and become the place where lasting memories are made. Ready to embrace the most exciting chapter of your life? Arrange a private tour of the Village when you get in touch with David (083 456 1897), RiAnne (084 659 3199) or Debbie (083 776 8297)

Alternatively, feel free to browse our gallery here: https://merv.co.za/gallery/