Four ways to keep your mind young

At Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village, we know that keeping your mind young is half the battle won. It’s why we give our residents ample facilities and activities that help them stay forever young. Looking to keep your mind in fighting shape? Here are a few ways to do just that…

Exercise daily

Although daily exercise is great for the body and overall health, it’s also fantastic for your mind. A recent study at the University of Edinburgh revealed that those in their 70s who exercised daily experienced less brain shrinkage as they aged. Our residents enjoy weekly stretch and tone classes, Zumba and wetlands walks to help them keep things moving. They also use it as an excuse to get together which certainly makes things more fun.

Learn something new

Forcing your brain to pick up a new skill keeps it refreshed and raring to go. It’s also a great way to gain a different hobby or even a few extra friends in the process. In our Village, craft classes and activities like Bridge have been welcomed additions to the social calendar. Although, a few unconventional ones like paintball target shooting have revealed some pros amongst our residents.

Train your brain

A little bit of mental gymnastics certainly goes a long way to keeping the mind in great shape. From puzzles to crosswords and even Sudoku, there are loads of ways to flex those mental muscles. Our residents love our quiz days that keep them on their toes as they remember interesting trivia from years gone by.

Read regularly

Did you know that reading stimulates multiple parts of the brain at once? This improves problem-solving and sharpens memory. It’s also a wonderful way to relax and even engage with others through the likes of a book club. Our Village offers numerous wonderful places to relax and enjoy a good book and a host of people to share them with when you’re done!

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