How old are you, really?

What constitutes old? As it turns out, you might be younger than you think! Back in 1875, the Friendly Societies Act in Britain deemed anyone over the age of 50 as old. In more recent times, the World Health Organization has done a little more research, taking average health and life expectancy into account. Their conclusions have outlined some interesting new age criterion for age groups:

0-17 years of age: Underage
18-65 years of age: Youth or young people
66-79 years of age: Middle-aged
80-99 years old: Elderly or senior
100+ years old: Long-lived elderly

What can we take from this?

Don’t call yourself “old” before your time. Now more than ever, we should be embracing the youth in our years and doing all the things we’d always hoped to find the time to do. For those considering retirement, it’s important to choose a place that allows you to explore your youth for as long as possible, whilst proving state-of-the-art healthcare should you ever need it. As a result, you’ll find everything you’ve always wanted plus a few extras you hadn’t thought of yet when join us in our Village.

Ageing in reverse

Most of our residents have never felt younger, and they’ll be the first to say so. Thanks to morning walks, regular fitness classes, an outdoor gym, an exciting events calendar and a gorgeous setting, there’s no excuse not to get involved and turn the clock back a few years. Ready to become part of our friendly community? Book your personal tour today when you contact Dave on 083 456 1897.