How our Village came together during national unrest

July 2021 will certainly be a month that South Africans will never forget. With the recent unrest causing much fear and uncertainty, we saw first-hand the power of a tight-knit community. Being part of Kindlewood Estate meant that our Village and its residents could join forces with those of all ages to weather the storm and help one another. We sat down with our very own RiAnne Rautenbach to chat about how our community came together during challenging times.

Q: RiAnne, how would you describe the emotions that came with the week of unrest?

“It was a week that no one was prepared for but also one that changed our lives. There were so many mixed emotions ranging from terror to fear, sadness, confusion, disappointment, hopelessness and exhaustion. But what resulted from those was hope, kindness, determination, unity and above all, love. These were far stronger than any of the negative feelings, proving that we really are resilient as a nation.”

Q: Tell us more about everyone coming together…

“Wow. Over those few days, we watched as a variety of people became one. All ages, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs stood together to support one another, protect and grow stronger together. The entire (and I mean entire) Kindlewood Estate became one single community (including our Village and the Care Centre). They motivated and guarded one another, took on 24/7 patrols alongside our security, fed our staff and each other, and provided clothing and toiletries and a place to rest for those in our team who couldn’t return home. Whilst our men were on patrol, our ladies shared food, medicine, baby supplies and anything we needed. Whenever anyone was in need, someone would offer in a matter of seconds on our group chat. This was heartwarming to see!”

Q: How did our Village, in particular, make a difference?

“Our residents kept a supply of hot coffee and snacks for our estate heroes and rallied together for patrols and chats to keep the spirits high. I feel honoured to be part of such an amazing community. To see true hearts, souls and characters shine through at a time like this was like something out of a movie and altogether surreal.”

We’re always stronger together

Now that the dust has settled and we’re continuing with our COVID-19 vaccination programme and our calendar of events, we look forward to enjoying the peace, unity and spoils of life in our Village. To all who played their part in bringing our nation through this period, we thank you. If you’re ready to join our incredible community, book your private tour with RiAnne 084 659 3199 or David 083 456 1897 today.