How we spent Mandela Day 2022

Our people are big on using their talents and free time for the greater good. They waste no time in sharing their skills with those around them, even if it means reaching into their own pockets to help make a difference in the lives of others. With 18 July marking Mandela Day, our residents wasted no time planning how they’d be using their 67 minutes.

For our Village knitters, 67 minutes alone simply would not do. They decided that they’d invest more of their time to ensure that more people in need would benefit from this special occasion. This included crafting, collecting and purchasing items that would bring a smile to those in need.

Ray of Hope, The Domino Foundation and The Baby House in Durban North were the grateful recipients of the beautiful blankets, beanies, bedding, and dolls that were knitted by our wonderful crew of Village knitters. The appreciation was tangible as those in charge of both organizations accepted our donations with open arms and massive smiles. Getting to see the little ones playing with their new dolls was the cherry on top for us and we know they’ll enjoy these hand-crafted toys for years to come. We’re sure the blankets and beanies will come in handy as winter comes to a close.

Want to lend a helping hand to these phenomenal initiatives? Here’s how you can get in  touch and make a difference too:

Ray Of Hope – 084 924 3100

The Domino Foundation – 078 390 8246

The Baby Home – Durban North – 082 773 0781

Whilst giving back isn’t anything new for those who live in The Village, it’s certainly a drawcard for those who’d like to spend their retirement years spreading joy to others.

Join a community that really cares

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