Why Active Living Matters During Retirement

Want to make the most of those golden years in your retirement? It turns out, that you need to remain active! That’s right, according to the experts, staying active during your golden years is the key to happy, healthy living.

It’s good for the body

healthy couple

It’s no secret that exercise gets the blood flowing, which is essential for good circulation and great joints. Active living also helps to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and weak bones. As an added benefit, it boosts the immune system. All the more reason to keep things moving!

It’s good for the mind

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Did you know that physical activity is great for your mind as well? Where your mental health is concerned, exercise releases feel-good hormones that fend off depression, whilst preventing cognitive function from ageing. Exercise at this stage of life also helps you discover some new skills, exciting hobbies, and even hidden talents that you never had time for until now.

It’s good for your loved ones, too

mother and daughter

Making sure you exercise during your later years also benefits your family. When you remain fit and healthy, you’re less likely to need medical care or assisted living. This means your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind that you’re still going strong. You’ll also be able to play an active role within your family, playing with your grandkids, holidaying and even just being the relative that they all know and love.

A happier, healthier retirement awaits…

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At The Village, we offer ample avenues for health and fitness. From our on-site gym to wetlands walks and even a weekly Stretch and Tone class, our people keep it moving and they’re never been in better shape. For more on the limited number of homes that remain at Developer prices, why not arrange a tour today?